If your brother or sister has died

I really miss my brother. Nobody understands as it was two years ago

Some siblings have a brother or sister who has died because of their disability or illness.  If this has happened to you, you may feel very sad and lonely without your brother or sister. You may feel angry that they only had a short time to live. You may find it hard to cope with your parent feeling very sad too. You may feel that other people don’t understand what it is like for you.


Some things you can do are

  • Talk to your parent about how you feel
  • Write down the things that you remember about your brother or sister and look at your photos of doing things together
  • If you don’t understand why your brother or sister died ask you parent to explain this to you
  • Visit the Winston’s Wish website for children and young people who are bereaved – they have ideas for other things that will help
  • If you feel sad a lot of the time and it won’t go away, ask your parent or teacher for help, or call ChildLine at any time of the day or night
  • Take a look at the YoungSibs information about feeling sad and feeling lonely


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