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  • macymoo
    November 30, 2019 at 5:28 am

    I have 2 sisters they both have autism. Today my big sister got accepted into a specialist school. At my school have a young cares club where I feel that I can talk about my problems because everyone will understand. .All my friends understand what I’m going through so I feel I can talk openly with them and have a laugh. My caring role mainly effects my school life, friendships, social life and much more now my little sister has a wheelchair so we can get out to more place because me and her have flat feet and hyper mobility. I have to push her so my mum can deal with my big sister when it gets to overwhelming. My sisters have different coping strategies like my little sister will start screaming and having a fit where as my big sister will take it it out verbally or physically at home. My sisters are currently home schooled –  when they were at school my big sister would mask her autism very well whereas my little sister didn’t care, she thinks if she’s ok if the world knows, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks if anyone has any tips to help my sisters please share them with me.


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