Being hurt by your brother or sister

He gets me in a headlock. I get fed up with him when he punches me

Some siblings have brothers and sisters who find it hard to behave well.  If your brother or sister hurts you, you may feel upset, frightened and angry. Your brother or sister may bite you, pull your hair, hit you, or pick on you when you come home from school. Or, they may hurt you in another way.  It is important that you get help if your brother or sister hurts you.  It is wrong that you get hurt.

Some things you can do are

  • Tell your parent or teacher about being hurt by your brother or sister
  • Ask your parent to make a plan with you to protect you from being hurt
  • Ask the social worker or health worker or nurse, who visits your brother or sister, to help you with it
  • If you know there are things that make your brother or sister really angry, don’t do them
  • Walk away and go to a safe place in your house if your brother or sister is becoming angry and not behaving
  • If you are frightened you can call ChildLine at any time day or night
  • Contact YoungSibs for help if your parent is not able to stop you getting hurt


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