Communicating with your brother or sister

We have to be very patient because everything takes longer when we talk with my sister and things have to be repeated several times.

Sometimes it can be hard for siblings to communicate with their disabled brother and sisters. This may be because they find it hard to hear you or find it hard to understand things.  It may be because their speech is hard for you to understand.  It may be because they find it hard to know what the expressions on your face mean or it may be because they use sign language or makaton to communicate.


Some things you can do are

  • Ask a speech and language therapist for ideas on how to communicate with your brother or sister
  • Listen to what they are trying to say and watch the movements they are making
  • Draw pictures of what you want to say or expressions on faces, like a sad face to show how you feel
  • Point to the objects you are talking about to show what you mean
  • Learn Makaton or sign language if that is what your brother or sister uses to communicate



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