Feeling angry

Sometimes he annoys me a lot, I have to control my temper, I have to walk out of the room and come back when I’ve calmed down

It is normal to feel angry with your brother or sister sometimes.  You may feel angry if they break your toys, hit or hurt you or if you are not being listened to. When you get angry your body may feel different. Your face may get hot and red; you feel your heart beating faster or you clench your fists. All these things feel uncomfortable.

Remember – it is OK to feel angry. However it is not OK to hit or say nasty things to other people.  Hitting things or taking your anger out on pillows or cuddly toys just makes the anger worse.  It is better to do things to help you get calm again.

Some things you can do are

  • Talk to someone about feeling angry – your parent, your pet, your friend, your cuddly toy!
  • If you don’t want to talk about it write it in your diary or draw a picture of how you feel or text a friend about it
  • Do some calming activities – lie down and listen to calm music, go for a walk, count backwards from 100, breathe deeply and slowly, have a nice warm bath.
  • Ask for help – ask a parent or friend to help you get calm again
  • If you notice that you are starting to get angry, count to 10 or go into another room away from your brother or sister



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