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Information for parents

YoungSibs is a website and online support service for children and young people who have a brother or sister who is disabled, has special educational needs or a serious long-term condition. It is for siblings in the UK aged 6 to 17.

The YoungSibs service is run by Sibs, the UK charity for siblings of disabled children and adults.

The YoungSibs website pages

Siblings can access information about family life, different conditions, feelings and difficult situations on the information pages. The pages are written in a way to help children understand complex information more easily.

YoungSibs moderated chat forum

Siblings can connect with other siblings around the UK by joining the YoungSibs Chat forum Siblings write their message and it is moderated by the team. This is not an instant chat service, all posts are seen by the team before they are posted. This is to ensure siblings are safe online and that it is a supportive space.

Getting help from the YoungSibs team

Siblings can contact the YoungSibs team via the sibling letters page and receive an email reply with acknowledgement of their situation and tips for dealing with it. The team can also help siblings get support from their school or appropriate professionals. Messages and replies are private unless siblings want to have it published for others to read on the website.

Where can parents get advice?

If you are a parent and need ideas for supporting young siblings please visit the Supporting Young Siblings pages on our main Sibs website.

We are unable to respond to parents through the young siblings message page. This is only for children to use.

If you need help with a sibling issue please contact us through our main Sibs website on this contact form

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