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Rules for YoungSibs chat

These rules are to help make sure everyone can enjoy themselves safely.

By registering with YoungSibs Chat, you are agreeing to these rules.

If you break them we will remind you of the rules and may stop you from using the chat area.


  • Use your username at all times
  • Please do not post any personal details – like your name, address, telephone number, email or personal website address


  • Everyone has different opinions, please respect them
  • Please don’t say things that might upset or offend anybody
  • If you do not agree with what someone writes you can say that you don’t agree. But don’t write bad things about the person who wrote it
  • Please do not call people names, bully or swear
  • A tip for writing on the forum – read back what you have written before posting your message and think if you want everyone to read it
  • Please do not put links to web pages or websites unless they are on the YoungSibs website