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Siblings and going back to school

Lots of siblings are starting to go back to school this week and although it’s good to catch up with friends, things are going to feel a bit different too. This might be because

  • you’re worried because your family are high risk
  • your school and classrooms look and feel very different
  • the staff and teachers might be wearing protective equipment
  • you feel that your parent has become used to you helping out and will struggle without you
  • it’s worrying using public transport
  • you haven’t been able to keep up with schoolwork

If you are worrying about any of these things it’s really important that you talk to a teacher or member of school staff and ask for help. This might be

  • asking if you can wear a face mask to help you feel safe
  • asking for extra time with homework
  • help getting a new uniform if your parent hasn’t been able to shop for you
  • help finding a safe space to go to if things get too much
  • asking about different transport options

It’s also really important to take care of yourself. Have a look at our pages on Mental health and wellbeing. You’ll get ideas on looking after your mental health which is really important for everyone.

Have a great start back at school and let us know how you get on.