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Spotlight on sibling issues

Siblings and autism This month we’re talking about siblings and autism. We’d love to hear from siblings about what life is like if you have a brother or sister with autism. What stuff do you do together? Do you have any top tips for other siblings about what you know about autism and how it … Read more

Siblings and genetic conditions This month we’re talking about siblings who have brothers and sisters with genetic conditions. We have lots of new information on genetic conditions on our website if you want to learn more. It’s also World Down syndrome Day this month – Down syndrome is a genetic condition. Do you have a brother … Read more

Siblings and ADHD Do you have a brother or sister with ADHD? We’d like siblings to tell us what life is like when you have a brother or sister who finds it difficult to concentrate, sit still or stop talking. We’ve got some great information about ADHD on our website as well as some top … Read more

Siblings as young carers This month we’re talking about siblings as young carers. Here at YoungSibs we want to do a shout out to all of you who are helping to look after your brothers and sisters who have a disability, illness or condition. You do a great job! It’s also really important to look … Read more

Siblings at Christmas Christmas is just around the corner and it can be a time to have fun! Maybe you’re looking forward to spending time with your family and friends, giving and receiving presents or just enjoying time off from school? It can be a special time to have fun with your family or play … Read more

We’re looking at siblings and bullying this month as it’s Anti-Bullying Week during 12th-16th November. Bullying can happen to anyone and it is always wrong. Siblings say that sometimes they get bullied at school or online because their families are different or because of how their brothers or sisters behave. They also worry if their … Read more

It’s World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 6th 2018. Do you have a brother or sister who has cerebral palsy (or CP for short)? Tell us what you’ve learned about life with a brother or sister who has CP. What do you do to have fun together? You can tell us on our YoungSibs forum. … Read more

It’s September so it’s time for lots of you to go back to school! You might be going back to your old school or starting a new one. It can be fun to go back after a long break and catch up with your friends. We’ve got lots of great new information about school stuff … Read more