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Who can use this site

YoungSibs is for children and young people who have a brother or sister who is disabled, has special educational needs or a serious long-term condition. It is for siblings in the UK who are under 18 years of age.

To help siblings like you we have created YoungSibs. We want you to get help and support with the things that are difficult for you as a sibling and to support you to feel proud about being a sibling in your family.

What siblings tell us they would like

  1. More time and attention from parents
  2. More information about disability
  3. Help to deal with difficult situations
  4. Other people to understand what it is like for them
  5. Not to have to do so much to help their family
  6. To be recognised for their knowledge and the way they support their brothers and sisters

Read information on the YoungSibs website

  1. Read the pages for siblings about different disabilities and conditions
  2. Find out how to manage your feelings as a sibling
  3. Learn tips for siblings for dealing with difficult situations
  4. Find out how siblings can enjoy family life

Join YoungSibs chat

You can share your feelings and experiences with other siblings on YoungSibs chat. You can get ideas from each other and get support from other siblings going through the same things as you.

Ask for help from the YoungSibs team

The YoungSibs team can help you with any question or sibling issue. All you have to do is send your message to the YoungSibs team. They will reply to you with ideas or will help you get support from your parent or school. Your message and reply will be private unless you want to have it published for others to see.